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You can aquire many different Fine Art Prints of my work, in many different sizes, matting and framming options, from one of the the most renowned companies in the Fine Arts field: PIXELS.COM

My NFT Photography:

NFT is the abbreviation of "Non Fungible Token".
Non-fungible means it cannot be exchanged for something of similar value.
A token is a digital asset issued by a blockchain. And a blockchain is a system of recording information in a way that makes it difficult or impossible to change, hack, or cheat the system.
In other words, a NFT is nothing more than a unique and secured digital certificate/signature that can be attached to any object, physical or virtual. In this case, you can buy unique (1/1 series) Tokens (NFT) of my photographs.

By acquiring my NFTs:

- You will be the only owner of a unique certified ditigal photograph, and you will be able to sell it or transfer it (as a NFT) in the future, at a higher price. Your property certificate will be available, and sequre, forever in the descentralized blockchain network.
It s not technically possible to neither alter (or hack) the blockchain, nor your property certificate.

- You will have the right to print on paper several high resolution copies of the photograph, so you can frame it and decorate your home, or give it as a present. (Just for personal use, not for selling prints).

- You will be collaborating and supporting my work and paying about the same price (for owning the only available and unique certified digital piece of that photograph) as what it would cost to buy just a copy of the photograph on paper. 

If you are interested, and have doubts about the way of buying NFTs with a cripto wallet (or credit card), please let me know and I ll be happy to help you with the process.

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